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Personality Profile / Assessments

Selecting and Developing Personal:

  • MBTI Type Indicator
  • 16PF Diagnostics / Selection
  • 360° Feedback
  • FIRO-B Needs Analysis

Training & Development

How to close the learning doing gap:


Performance Tools

Asking the right question to improve your performance:

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Methods on cause, risk, and decision analysis

"Houston, we have a problem!" Often we are faced with the task of identifying causes of problems in order to make decisions or to analyze potential risks.Systematic thinking processes create a clear path to solve the challenges. Everyone following the systematic method is able to narrow down the problems and focus on solutions.

Purpose and benefits

This training is based on directly applicable methods taken from case studies and real business situations. Participants gain a structured thought process for decision-making, root cause analysis and risk analysis.


Select alternatives and make decisions

  • Dealing with the psychology of decision making
  • Align goals, criteria and alternatives to reach the optimum solution

Identify causes of problems

  • Separating facts from assumptions
  • Analyzing root causes

Narrow and analyze risks

  • recognizing potential problems
  • Identifying preventative measures and minimize problematic effects
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