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About A-M-T

A-M-T Management Performance AG was founded in 1988, first under the name ‘’A-M-T Management Transfer Academy.’’ Although our name has changed, our concept of training and consulting has remained the same.  From the cooperation with our long-standing and now honorary chairman, Prof. Dr. Rupert Lay, A-M-T developed a distinctive profile, both for use at the individual level and in the field of strategy and corporate culture. This profile focuses on two areas, perception and decision making. They are reflected in all our training and consulting approaches,because they are the two foundational mental processes of all our behaviors.

As a member of the Association of German Management Consultants (BDU), A-M-T Management Performance networks with professionals and organizations across Germany. Through the close partnership with OPP Ltd., a UK based consulting company, AMT has access to trainers and consultants in various European countries. As a member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), A-M-T benefits from the experience of the world's largest and most prestigious association for "Workplace Learning and Performance."

Through an international focus on ASTD we owe to our base in the area of ​​performance improvement, which is found on the blue section of our website. AMT was honored by ASTD as part of their Award Program for Excellence in Practice based on our extensive experience in the field of performance. Our extensive relationships made it possible for us to organize and hold the first European ASTD conference in Potsdam, Germany, in 2002. The conference featured special guests, Ken Blanchard, author of Situational Leadership; Stephen C. Lundin, author of Fish; Dana Robinson and Jack Phillips, both performance and ROI specialists.

OPP Ltd. In Oxford, UK, connects us to the MBTI ® Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ®, and other well known HR instruments used in selection and development. Information is found on the orange section of our website. A-M-T is the only official licensee in the German speaking countries. The MBTI instrument, on the basis of Jungian theory, focuses on preferences for perception and decision making, provides an ideal basis for integration into our concepts. 16-PF® is a well known tool for diagnostics. 

The oldest pillar of our activities is our performance dialogue in training and development, found on the red section of our website. Our values guide our actions, which helps us to continuously grow our clients. We look at organizations and individuals with a systemic view, analyzing how they interact with each other. Our training follows systematic approaches, not only when it comes to problem solving and decision making.

The basis of our work is constructivism as a cognitive theory, which explains that we all make sense of the world by creating pictures in our minds, developed from our expectations, interests, and needs. We use constructivism as a mindset in our communication and conflict management as well as other seminars.   

The integration of Seefeld Seminars with content on the topics of conflict and crises rounds out our portfolio. With the founding of the Swiss Performance Management GmbH A-M-T, we strengthened our commitment as an international provider of PERFORMANCExcellence.

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