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Personality Profile / Assessments

Selecting and Developing Personal:

  • MBTI Type Indicator
  • 16PF Diagnostics / Selection
  • 360° Feedback
  • FIRO-B Needs Analysis

Training & Development

How to close the learning doing gap:


Performance Tools

Asking the right question to improve your performance:

We make excellence the goal of our work as consultants and trainers


We ask you the right questions to improve your performance.

We partner with you and act as a companion in your development process:

We exceed your expectations through training aligned with specific business requirements.

We are an experienced training and coaching provider:

Training and coaching as an intervention is only successful, when lack of knowledge or skill is the challenge.

We have no doctrine, however, we show a way:

We work with simple models of thought to decrease the complexity of everyday contexts.

We combine Jung’s personality theory with practical work:

Appropriate perception and skillful decisions are central to our processes, creating keys to success.

We increase experiences creating new mosaics:

Through the dissection of your crises, conflicts and confrontations, comes the prime opportunity for change.

We consider creative thinking as:

Answers not being found simply by being ‘’told’’ what is correct, instead A-M-T creates the necessary environment and conditions for the realization of answers.

Team development is more than talking about how you feel:

Teams come together to achieve progress and knowledge, not only to clarify relationships.

We are regarded as rational, action-oriented and consistent:

The solution to the problem is not the challenge, but the implementation of the solution.

We are partners, teachers, consultants:

We uncover your challenges, question our own reasoning and suggest solutions. We work with you, not for you.

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