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Performance Circle

Increase team performance through and “on-the-job” consulting tool

To improve performance it often requires the partnership linking internal knowledge and consulting skills. The employees know the processes in their business the best but need guidance to unleash performance. Through Performance Circle, A-M-T provides appropriate methods and tools needed to implement improvement internally.

Performance Circle is a process connecting learning and practice. Within four months companies are able to calculable results and achievement.

Performance improvement often requires personal and organizational change. Performance Circle utilizes a holistic approach for transition management. This method achieves the greatest success, when conducted in intervals and uses the operational tasks of the daily activities of employees. Learning and problem solving on self-selected topics on-site creates buy in from the employees involved, often leading to actionable solutions, increasing ROI.

On-the-job Process

Consulting projects are initialized because of a need for general improvement, for example improved customer service and cost reductions. In teams employees conduct a gap analysis describing the current situation and formulate the goals. They then search for possible solutions through systematic processes.

The external consultant acts as an adviser to the teams training them to become performance consultants.

To track the progress of the teams, regular meetings are held followed by feedback from the external consultant to keep the team focused on the goals. This approach allows the exchange of experience making use of the methods of performance improvement. 


  • Work on company-specific problem areas
  • Suggest solutions following an economically meaningful budget (ROI)
  • Facilitate team based problem solving
  • Increase self-motivation through team work done "on-the-job"
  • Reduce resistance and risk early in the problem solving process in order to secure the acceptance and results from the stakeholders.

Performance Circle gains international recognition

In 1999, the implementation of Performance-Circle with the VEW Energie AG, was recognized by ASTD, the world’s largest training development association, for excellence in practice in the category ``Performance Improvement" Since then it has been implemented in a variety of industries.

Further developments and applications

Performance Circle has been utilized in more than 200 consulting projects. Issues addressed for our customers:

  • Helping the health care organizations dealing with the impact of mergers
  • Improving customer orientation in the service industry
  • Increasing cross-selling as part of the sales strategy
  • Improving quality in production industries
  • Facilitating innovation for new products and markets
  • Reducing silo thinking across divisions in multinational organizations
  • Strengthening awareness regarding occupational health and safety

Performance Circle …

  • Creates room to implement ideas.
  • Supports mutual learning in a team environment
  • Promotes the exchange of information
  • Measures ROI
  • Provides positive work ethics
  • Connects processes and implements solutions
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