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Strategies and Tactics in negotiations

The Tool Kit for purchasing, sales and project meetings

Purchasing, sales and project meetings are among the situations that contribute significantly to the performance of a company. They are the critical success factors.

It is therefore important that the performance of employees in conversation with suppliers, customers, etc. is "best in class". This is especially true when products and services become more complex along with customer demands.

Purpose and benefits

The workshop allows participants to quickly and efficiently analyze the requirements of respondents and integrate persuasion strategies effectively.

Participants act more convincing, feeling self-confiden, rather than simply using conversation methods. They enlarge their toolboxes for optimal conversation and for constructive discussions. Participants see the benefit of treating partners fairly while negotiating and aim for win-win situations.

Diverse case studies allow the participants to role play the various negotiation situations. We analyze the actions of everyone involved, by dissecting the communication methods, individuals are able to effectively negotiate for future use, without resorting to cheap tricks.


  • Strategy and tactics in negotiations
  • Ethical negotiations, without cheap tricks
  • Objections to recognize and using tactics in conversation
  • Convincing customers through self-confidence
  • Purposeful and appropriate questioning techniques
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Listening and verbalization techniques
  • Harvard Method- negotiating approach
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